PMH Laboratory, Inc“Excellence in Laboratory Medicine”

Our Pledge:

To remember that the patient’s welfare always comes first.

  • To provide our services reliably and consistently, at a level of excellence that will be noticed and appreciated.
  • To treat our clients and each other with respect and courtesy, and foster a work environment in which trust, teamwork, and equity are an everyday reality.
  • To readily embrace every responsibility that comes our way, and complete each mission to the best of our ability.
  • To recognize our limitations and freely seek the help we need to satisfy the needs of our clients and coworkers.
  • To eschew complacency and actively seek out and develop opportunities to improve our practices and procedures.
  • To keep all information pertaining to patients, as well as professional and commercial issues, in the strictest confidence.
  • To be responsible corporate citizens of the world. We strictly comply with both the spirit and the letter of the laws and regulations that govern our business.
  • To encourage innovation at every level. We encourage creativity and applaud both conscientious failure and success, because both are learning opportunities and an important part of our process of continuous improvement.
  • To acknowledge our personal and corporate accountability and accept full responsibility for the performance of our duties.
  • To promote diligence in all things. Exceptional competence, unwavering reliability, and meticulous adherence to process discipline are essential to maintaining the highest possible level of excellence in laboratory medicine.
  • To respect individual differences and value diversity.
  • To establish and maintain leadership in our field. PMH Laboratory, Inc will be the standard by which all other diagnostic testing laboratories are measured.


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