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Additional LIS Functions for Customers


LIS's AutoFax software provides labs with a highly cost-effective, HIPAA compliant means of disseminating results to physicians. The system can be programmed to fax on-demand or automatically upon result approval. Faxes can be simultaneously sent to the ordering physician and up to three additional locations or providers. E-mail

LIS can now distribute lab results via email. You can email a patient report directly to your providers as a password protected PDF.

Specimen Label Printing

This positive sample identification software will enhance your lab's overall quality assurance program. Each label provides the patient name, ID number, sample accession number, date, time, physician identification, and the requested panels. PMH Laboratory provides a high-resolution label printer to ensure label clarity.

Barcode Label Printing

LIS BarCode Label Software prints a barcode identification and the same information that appears on the Specimen Label. The addition of this laboratory information software will support today's advanced host-query instrument interfaces and the high-resolution label printer provided by PMH Laboratory ensures barcode readability by your instruments.

PMH Laboratory reporter

Through PMH Laboratory reporter, physicians have secure access to patient results from any remote site with an internet connection. All patient record transfers are encrypted and password protected to meet HIPAA security standards. Results are exported from LIS automatically without impacting the use of the LIS in the lab.

PMH Laboratory access

PMH Laboratory access allows users to access LIS from remote sites, to order tests and review patient test results via the internet. PMH Laboratory  access is easy to use, totally secure and HIPAA compliant. Remote stations can check for medical necessity, print ABNs, and specimen labels. Physicians who practice at multiple locations can access all their patients' results at anytime - not just the most recent report.

Network Applications

PMH Laboratory supports a range of both local and wide area networks.

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